Wiring harnesses, cabling and assemblies

We manufacture wiring harnesses and connection cables for various industries and perform electromechanical assembly. All Fintall Oy's products are manufactured in cooperation with the customer and in accordance with the customer's needs. All production is certified.


Wires and cables with a cross-sectional area of 0.05 mm² to 120 mm² are used in the manufacture of wiring harnesses. Versatile tools and equipment are used to make crimp connections. 


Ribbon cables

We manufacture ribbon cables with various contact numbers (6-64) and rasters. Our tools also support even special solutions.

Signal cables

We manufacture signal cables either by crimping or soldering. The range includes RJ, D-connector, USB and circular connector cables and combinations of these. 

Vehicle cables

Cabling for vehicle engines and Electronic Control Units for road and rail transport and work machines.


We assemble equipment assemblies from our wiring harnesses, other electrical components and mechanical parts. 

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